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The Art of Possibility creates spaces for important conversations to facilitate change

Our work is now focussed on My Next Chapter; creating spaces for individuals and organisations to help them think and plan for what’s next.

This has evolved from eleven years of running The Art of Possibility by refining practice and collaborating with others to support people and organisations in transition.
What we provide now is focussed in four key areas for:

  • Creatives
  • 1-1 and Group Coaching
  • Organisations
  • Leaders and Founders

Please visit My Next Chapter for further details.

You can still follow Bev Morton @twitter @facebook @instagram and explore the creative cauldron of ideas at The Art of Possibility Facebook page.

Or email

Love the message on this, relevant to us all, anywhere - "Come to the table as equal partners with solutions to do things differently" @KimShutler @rskdance2011 @MyNextChapter2

This photo haunts my dreams....
Not in a poetic way.
In a rage-inducing psychotic way 😡
Lazy photo editors everywhere stop using this photo to show everything poor, the north, working class...
It’s just a kid running down a bloody alley!!!
@guardian @ObserverUK @Independent

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