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Making the decision to blog and then actually doing it has been an interesting journey. Like many people, I have had to think about the motivation, what I want to blog about and then deal with the idea of ‘putting it out there’. Scary stuff.

But my need to write my thoughts down has been stronger than the fear. For years I have written myself notes, taken photographs, scribbled down quotes; all in preparation to what I want to do with this new website and blog.

For me blogging is about having a mechanism for honest authentic reflection and dialogue which has inherent value for both my own learning and those who want to tap into the content. I want a structure for my thoughts and to create a space to consider the important things which I am thinking about.

The Art of Possibility blog is a means to map my internal process, Bev sharing thoughts, putting them out there, seeing how they land and if they have any relevance for others. This website and my blog provides a means to share what I am learning; my work around resilience, emotional intelligence and well-being, the issues my clients are grappling with and inter-relationship between our internal world, the external world and our impact in it.

I have always been an open yet very private person. This is stretch for me but a one which feels right. It’s an experiment, let’s see how it goes.