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Collaboration is central to the way of working for The Art of Possibility; this creates in-built resilience for both the work and the impact we have as a result.  From coaching to design work and accounting, the company is underpinned by a number of specialists working in what they are good at and love doing. The approach is also about the ‘synergy’ of collaboration; the right people working together on the things that drive them and at the right time.

Key collaborators include:

Helen Lawrence: Office Rescue, Virtual Administrative Support. Helen is a key member of the team supporting all things administrative for the My Next Chapter Programmes.

Kev Roberts: Designer and Photographer. Kev has worked closely with Bev over the last nine years developing the company brand, design, programme materials and product development.

Jan Scott Nelson: fab web design, flexibility and all round active listener. She makes what’s in your head a reality.

Femke De Jong: Illustrator: Fem has worked with The Art of Possibility to create specially commissioned illustrations which depict the themes and approaches of the company.