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Over the years I’ve often asked myself, why do I continue to scare the living daylights out of myself by not only daring to dream but seeking to then make it happen? This tendency has taken me into all kinds of territories; organising music gigs, setting up a design company, producing fashion shows, working in community arts, making films and documentaries, setting up a charity and in the last decade, as a coach and facilitator supporting leaders, practitioners and change makers in the social and cultural sectors.

There is now definitely a middle-aged woman who looks back at me from the mirror in the morning. Yet she is still determined to ‘keep stepping into the space’ to see what is possible. I suppose, part of me imagined that this might be something I did when I was in my 20’s, 30’s…40’s, hang on…50’s! Ok, ok, I get it…this way of being doesn’t seem to want to go away and I have finally accepted that this is part of who I am. I guess this need to take risks and make things happen is what Brene Brown calls ‘daring greatly’.

So, now that I’ve accepted it, I can get on with wearing the badge with pride and embracing daring fully. For three years I’ve been developing a personal and professional development programme called My Next Chapter. It started as part of my own reflective practise about what were the conditions I needed to support my own well-being whilst at the same time the achieving impact I was seeking to make. This exploration really caught my imagination and the insights began to hugely influence my practise and change both my behaviour and decision making. Also, importantly, it also influenced the impact I was having; not only with those I had worked with but also in my own personal life. Clients began asking for support in this area too and they in turn began to influence the thinking and practise (thank you…you know who you are). From there it expanded into themes such as ‘what do I REALLY want to do with my life?’ and ‘what’s next for us as an organisation?’ and ‘what is the difference we want to make?’

So, last autumn the time was right to step into another scary space…and My Next Chapter emerged.

The culmination is that next Friday 4th March 2016, I’ll be delivering the first self produced My Next Chapter one-day workshop which is being held in London at Cardboard Citizens. There are two other workshops to choose from; one in Bristol on Fri 15th April and Friday 29th April in Leeds. It is a truly fantastic programme where you get the opportunity to spend some focused time and space with expert facilitators and the support and challenge of others, who like you, want and need to make some decisions about the future. You’ll be in the company of change makers, leaders, founders, creatives, coaches, facilitators, social workers, teachers, enablers and social entrepreneurs… So, if this is the right thing, for the right reasons at the right time…want to join us ‘edge dwellers?’

(Please note, no funders have been injured or exposed to undue risk in the creation of this programme…)

Daring reduced